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Coffeeshop Physics
by Jim Pivarski

What Killed Madame Curie?

by Jimmy McCann

Sancellemoz, 1934: a famous physicist lies dead after years of dedicated service to Humanity. The suspect? Radiation, surely, but... which particle? As our daring detective embarks on a quest to understand the heart of matter, we learn that even atoms have their secrets.

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What Killed Madame Curie? Chapter 1: Atom's Curse! by Jimmy McCann

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The Series

"Atom's Curse!" is the first chapter of a detective serial, to be written over the course of the year. Our hero's crusade to truly understand radioactivity takes him to the ends of the earth and to the present day, as scientists are still seeking the ultimate answer to the mystery.


  1. Atom's Curse!(1930's) available on Amazon
  2. I am Become Death(1940's)
  3. The Left-Handed Assassin(1950's)
  4. Kabbalistic Squiggles on a Barstool(1960's)
  5. A Crack in the Curtain(1970's)
  6. Rise of the Big Machines(1980's)
  7. Conspiracy with the Night(1990's)
  8. The Ineffable Heaviness of Being(present day)

Note: chapter titles may change; check here for updates. Each chapter will be at most $1.49 (list price).